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Veteran Rep Group of Ohio represents commercial roofing manufacturers and provides comprehensive sales and marketing services to building owners, property managers, consultants, architects, general contractors, and roofing contractors.


Welcome to the Veteran Rep Group of Ohio.

Your trusted partner in the Industrial Roofing industry. We pride ourselves on delivering project-specific solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our expertise spans from the initial stages of project conception to the final touches of closeouts, ensuring a seamless journey throughout.

Our team thrives on tackling the unique challenges that come with each project, leveraging our extensive experience and resources to ensure your projects are completed on time and within budget. We are more than just a rep company - we are your strategic ally in achieving success in all your industrial roofing endeavors.

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Adam Koelliker

Founder, Veteran Rep Group of Ohio


We Provide Superior Roofing Services

Design Professionals

We help Architects and Design Professionals specify and design the most efficient roofing systems according to the owner's goals.

Building Owners

We assist Building Owners with partnering with the right contractor that will handle all of the owners expectations.


Our contracting partners value our attention to detail and ability to help them find creative ways to accomplish the most difficult projects within budget.


Our distribution partners understand the importance of managing our inventory along with being an extension of our sales team.

Manufacturing Partners

We partner with manufactures who are looking to grow their presence in the Northern Ohio market. Our goal is to make every manufacture we represent the #1 of choice on every project.

Manufacturing Partners

Delivering Top Northern Ohio Manufacturing


General Aniline & Film

GAF, a top North American roofing manufacturer, certifies contractors through a rigorous program, providing resources, marketing opportunities, design services, technical information, and warranties. Committed to quality installation, product performance, and customer satisfaction, GAF sets the standard in the roofing industry.



Siplast, a leader in commercial roofing and waterproofing, has been setting standards with SBS-modified bitumens since the 1960s. Their diverse solutions, including PMMA liquid resin products and vegetated roof systems, are trusted by landmarks like the Library of Congress and the Empire State Building.


General Aniline & Film

In the roofing industry, ‘floe’ metaphorically signifies the solid, protective layer a well-constructed roof provides, akin to a large floating ice sheet on water. Just as floes shield the water from external elements, a good roof safeguards a building from weather and environmental conditions.

Providing Unparalleled Services in Commercial Roofing.


Year's In Business


Quality & Reliability With 100% Satisfaction

Veteran Rep Group of Ohio was founded by Adam Koelliker who began his journey in Commercial Roofing as a Project Manager for a Cleveland-owned Union Contractor and later moved into the manufacturing rep position in 2010. We have a unique perspective in the business because of our experience in different roles in the business which we believe offers better insight to solving problems.

Expert Project Specifications

Our team provides detailed project specifications to ensure your commercial roofing projects are executed flawlessly.

Tapered Design and Rooftop Details

We offer specialized tapered design and rooftop detailing services for optimal drainage and longevity of your commercial roofs.

Contact us to assist with all of your commercial roofing needs.

Comprehensive Project Support: From inspections to project reporting, our services cover every aspect of your commercial roofing projects.

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